Do you know cleaning of Oil spill does not have to take a whole life time or four (4) generations. Here is why?

COHBS International Trade Limited a leading supplier of specialty chemicals in Nigeria is pleased to introduce the most versatile Oil Spill dispersant for the 21st century oil spill problems – The Dasic Slickgone EW.

We are proud to announce that NOSDRA has formally approved/accepted our product Dasic Slickgone EW for the effective management of a broad spectrum of oil spill management in Nigeria, as it meets the eco-toxicity acceptability criteria for oil spill management.

Dasic Slickgone EW is a key remediation tool in oil-slick for the following reasons:

1. It combines high efficiency and low toxicity with an exceptional ability to breakdown chocolate mousses (water in oil emulsions), Slickgone EW efficiently disperses those oils which have become too weathered to be amenable to conventional methods, therefore extending the window of opportunity for dispersant use.

2. Unlike most dispersants, Slickgone EW is also effective on refined oils and bunker fuels (intermediate and heavy fuel oils), making it a truly versatile solution for 21st century oil spill problems. It is exceptionally efficient on a broad spectrum of oils. It is also effective on water-in-oil emulsions (chocolate mousses) and will even delay the formation of such emulsions if applied early enough.

3. It is highly effective at emulsifying crude oils, fuel oils and water-in-oil emulsions even at low temperatures, producing oil droplets minute enough to be retained beneath the sea surface where they are rapidly diluted by subsurface mixing and are eventually biodegraded by micro-organisms.

4. Biodegradable and meets the stringent efficiency and toxicity requirements of most countries’ authorities

5. It has also been approved/accepted in Nigeria