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Woolridge said having discussions with the employee gives employers a better understanding of what is going on. The employee could be having a personal issue or looking for another job. Woolridge said confronting the situation lets the employee know that their absences aren’t going unnoticed. You don’t want to miss enough work to give your boss a reason to let you go.

  • Let’s go over some excuses that you should feel good about when requesting to get off work.
  • A mental health day can allow you to check in with your therapist or coach, get outdoors, or simply relax on the couch.
  • In all, it is better to come up with another excuse that will suit the circumstances instead of recycling the old one.
  • While it’s not necessarily a fun activity, it is important for your health and well-being.

Additionally, if your pet feels unwell, you may need to take them to a vet, especially if they need emergency treatment. You can excuse yourself from work, and your manager or supervisor will consider that a valid reason to miss work. Hannah Morgan speaks and writes about job search and career strategies.

Something is not feeling right

When a woman’s water breaks, their body is prepping for labor. This typically happens in week 39 or 40 of the pregnancy but can also occur earlier. Needless to say, if your water breaks, you will not be returning to work anytime soon. Swelling of the legs, ankles, feet, and fingers is common during pregnancy. Swelling usually occurs in the second and third trimesters and can be debilitating, to say the least. A bit of swelling is standard, but if it comes on suddenly and is painful, then you should talk to your doctor and seek medical attention.

Most managers usually won’t fight you on this, but it’s still professional to provide plenty of notice if you can. While some managers might be more understanding about this reason than others, it’s valid. Family emergencies refer to any unexpected situation that affects the health or safety of your family. As soon as you know that you won’t be able to work, give your boss a phone call or send them a message. If you wake up at 6 am with a migraine or you’re up with a sick child at 3 am, you can even go ahead and send them an email at this hour.

When you need a mental health day:

Maternity leave for up to 12 weeks (unpaid) is required for companies that are covered by the Family and Medical Leave Act. In some states, your employer must also pay for your leave, typically through short-term disability insurance. Similarly, if your pet died, you may be able to request a day off to get it cremated, bury it, and grieve.

Can I take a day off work for personal reasons?

You can just take a personal day when you need a break. But that's always easier said than done, right? It's hard to look your boss (and your co-workers) in the eye and say that you're taking a day off for personal reasons. But if you have personal days worked into your benefits, you 100% should be taking them!

Department of Labor, the average number of paid sick days is eight for any employee of at least a year. That number increases to 11 for an employee with 25 years of experience with the same company. Family emergencies can (and do) happen, ranging from having to rush your sick pooch to the vet to taking care of a suddenly incapacitated relative or dealing with a child’s injury.

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You might feel guilty for missing work, but if you don’t take care of your family, your health, and your well-being, you’ll struggle to be productive — even if you work from home. Plus, not taking the time off when you need it can reduce your job performance, keep you sick longer, and lead to burnout. This doesn’t just affect parents that need to go to the office, either.

Not only does it impact your schedule and productivity, but it also adds stress to an already hectic work trip. Don’t let things pile up until they become overwhelming; instead, set aside small chunks of time each week for tasks like vacuuming, dusting, or organizing clutter. If something breaks or needs repairing, deal with it promptly before it snowballs into a more significant issue. It can be a very unsettling experience to find out that your computer has been hacked. Whatever the case may be, we wish you safety and swift resolution to any house matters related to fires so you can return back to work when it’s safe and feasible for you.

Tip for Calling Out of Work on Short Notice

Flooding can happen for several reasons, including heavy rains or a sudden pipe burst. It’s crucial to know what steps need to be taken depending on the cause of the flood. In some cases, calling an emergency plumbing service might be necessary, while in others, manually draining excess water will fix things up temporarily till permanent repairs are made.

The last thing your boss will want is to be woken up by a message from you stating that you won’t be at work the following day. Selling an excuse can come down to fine details, such as the tone of your voice and/or your body language. If you show sincerity with your excuse and tell them that you had no choice but to miss work, you will forgive your absence. Most of the time, your boss wants to ensure you are doing okay. If you come across as insincere, while they may allow you to take time off, it could rub them the wrong way.

You can experience rough patches and occasional unavoidable emergencies. But when these issues become too frequent, people start to ask questions. Last-minute important deliveries that require a signature can be a valid excuse for calling off work as well. This is an excuse that people use to get out of work all the time, even when it’s not true. That’s unfortunate, but if you run into car troubles, don’t be afraid to tell the truth and explain the problem. Most companies provide days off for nationally recognized holidays.