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  • Beakers – To hold samples and reagents.
  • Burettes – To dispense liquid in exact quantities.
  • Pipettes (Bulb and Graduated) – To transfer a small, measured amount of fluid.
  • Condensers – To cool or heat liquids.
  • Desiccators –  To absorb moisture from a substance.
  • Drying pistols – They perform the same task as a desiccator. The pistol is a more direct way of removing moisture
  • Funnels – Designed with a tapered neck to enable liquid to be poured accurately into a container with a narrow opening.

  • Glass Sampling Tubes – Sampling tubes are used for taking small measures of a liquid.
  • Graduated Cylinders – Very similar to a beaker but with volume measurements.
  • Petri dishes – Shallow, round dishes used to culture cells.
  • Slides – To view items under a microscope, items are placed between two glass slides.
  • Vacuum Manifolds – Also known as Schlenk Lines, useful for manipulating air-sensitive compounds
  • Vials – Small bottles that are used for storage.

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